Send Large Toner / Laser Cartridges

Laser cartridges are normally a foot long and used in office printers and photocopiers and use a toner powder. We can help you recycle any toner cartridges, but we'll also try and raise funds for our charity partner if possible at the same time.

If you have any full or unused cartridges, please use our full cartridge service instead.

If you have ink cartridges (smaller than a clenched fist, used in personal printers and franking machines), please separate these and see our ink recycling service for these instead.

Organise a Collection / Recycling

Please enter your details so we can contact you to arrange the recycling of your empty laser/toner cartridges.

Is There a Minimum?

We have solutions for any quantity of cartridges.

Can You Send Me Some Boxes?

You can use our boxes, or you can use your own second-hand boxes to securely ship any toner cartridges — this is even better for the environment, and reduces our costs so more funds are raised for charity.

Can I Send Unused Cartridges Too?

Please don't send full or unused cartridges using this service, as we handle those at a separate warehouse. Please visit the unused cartridge recycling page instead.

Can I Send Small Ink Cartridges Too?

Please separate any ink cartridges (smaller than a clenched fist) and send them using our ink cartridge recycling service instead. These are worth much more if we can collect them separately, as it means they will not be damaged by toner cartridges and the toner powder.

What Happens If You Can't Recycle My Cartridges?

If we can't raise funds from your cartirdges, we'll work with you to find a free recycling solution somewhere else, and also provide details of some paid-for services if you need a zero-hassle solution to take care of all your waste printer items.

Is There Anything I Can't Send?

We offer several solutions. Depending on which one, you may need to check your cartridge models against a list in order to raise funds for our charity partners.

In any case you must not send any toner waste cassettes or containers, or "toner bottles" that might look like those shown here:

Picture of miscellaneous types of toner bottles

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